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Logo & Brand Design
Your logo is the first thing prospective clients see and you want it to be something that showcases you/your business and is memorable. Logo and branding go hand in hand. Once you have your logo developed the rest of your marketing and collateral materials can be designed to bring everything together with a cohesive look.

Graphic Design
Graphic design can be such a broad term. I’ve used my graphic design skills to create a varied collection of projects over the years. Print and web ads, professional Photoshop templates, digital scrapbook elements, pattern collections, greeting cards/invitations/announcements, and so much more! My decades of experience allow me to bring any idea to life no matter how big or small.

Pattern Design
Patterns are one of my favorite things to create. I spent a decade designing digital “scrapbook papers”. They have so many uses beyond the obvious digital scrapbook hobby – as the background for a greeting card, announcement or event invitation. Professional photographers used them to create stunning albums for their clients. They have been used on website backgrounds, as backgrounds on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. I love mixing and matching them and creating a complete cohesive set of coordinating designs with a common color palette and/or theme. These are some of my favorites.

Website Design & Development
I’ve had the opportunity to work on quite a few websites over the years. From mid-sized corporations and small businesses to non-profits and personal domains. I started out designing websites using hand-coded HTML, CSS, dHTML and other coding languages. I can still design websites from scratch, but with the popularity of WordPress and WordPress based sites I have become verse in installing and customizing WordPress based websites for a variety of business and personal uses.

Downloadable Free Resources
These printable PDF documents can be used to create wonderful memories for your family! This collection of Official Letterhead and stationery was originally designed in 2012 and has been enjoyed by THOUSANDS of families worldwide! These files, and some others not shown, can all be downloaded from my online shop: In my shop you can also find my original paintings, Sassy Snaps created from my pattern designs, and other small gifts.